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dedicated attorney helps georgia families move forward in kennesaw, ga and peachtree city, ga

Practice Areas

Contested Divorce

A divorce where spouses disagree on issues such as property division, child custody, and spousal support, requiring court intervention to reach a resolution.

Child Custody Modification

A child custody case in Georgia is a legal dispute between parents determining the care, control and support of a child, governed by the state's laws and court orders.

Temporary Protective Order

A temporary protective order case in Georgia is a legal action taken to protect an individual from immediate harm or danger, involving a court-ordered restriction on the alleged abuser's behavior.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a divorce agreement reached between both parties without court intervention, resolving issues such as property division and child custody amicably.


A legitimation case in Georgia establishes the legal rights and responsibilities of a father with regards to a child born out of wedlock, ensuring their access and involvement in the child's life.


An adoption case is a legal process where an individual becomes the legal parent of a child, assuming all rights and responsibilities, ending the biological parent's legal ties.

Knowledgeable Peachtree City, Georgia Attorney Focuses On Client's Needs

Facing a divorce, adoption, legitimation, or other family law matter requires representation that understands the law and the impact it will have on loved ones. Our firm has built a strong reputation in Metro Atlanta and has established lasting relationships with clients by offering a combination of sensitivity to your needs and legal knowledge, including:

  • Customized Care – Family law is all about family. We prioritize understanding your priorities and finding a solution that suits your family’s needs. Our aim is to simplify significant transitions.
  • Expert Team – Our lawyers expertly navigate complex legal matters, from contentious divorce cases to custody disputes based on Georgia’s “Best Interest of the Child” standard. We clearly outline your options so you can make informed decisions.
  • Focused on the future – Our goal is to provide solutions that bring a brighter tomorrow for you and your family. We work with you to anticipate future needs and strive for results that will last over time.

Experienced Atlanta-Area Lawyer Focused on Handling Divorce and Parenting Issues

Dealing with a family law issue can cause emotional and financial stress. At The Law Office of Homer P. Jordan IV, LLC, we help clients in Kennesaw, Peachtree City, and the Atlanta area, including Fayette, Cobb, Cherokee, Fulton, and Paulding counties, reach positive outcomes for divorce, custody arrangements, child support modifications, and more. We provide cost-effective legal support for domestic issues, including temporary protective orders and adoptions, so clients can move forward with confidence. Trust us to handle your challenges with grace, dignity, and a solid plan for your future.

The Outcome of Your Case Begins With A Solid Plan From Day-One

What clients say

Google Review:
Homer helped me with my case of getting legitimize and receiving full custody of my daughter. My case was complicated but he was extremely timely at helping me, professional, and consistently reassuring me throughout the process. He has made the whole difference of me from not knowing if I was gonna be able to get to see my daughter to having full custody and being able to nourish my daughter as she continues to grow older.
Richard Govea
Google Review
Mr.Homer represented me in a very difficult complicated long custody battle for both of my children. Me being a male makes it extra difficult to get custody of my children. But due to Mr Homer's solid advice and expert abilities in the courtroom Mr.Homer made the process look very easy. I have been a Law enforcement officer for over 20 years and I have gone up against some of the toughest attorneys around. But Mr. Homer's experience in the courtroom would have Me Scrambling for a Plea Deal in a heartbeat. Mr. Homers expertise really shows in his court room arguments and his demeanor compares to None. I am Referring Everyone I know to Him if they want to WIN.
Jeffrey Burris
Google Review:
Homer Jordan and his staff are professional and have provided me with necessary legal representation since 2018. I have appreciated his ethical service which is so important when you are placing your future into someone’s hands during an emotional legal situation. He sticks to his reasonable price estimates and has helped mediate what could have been a much more chaotic process otherwise. I highly recommend him.
Cheryl Miller
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